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Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 19-045771 fits Audi A4 A6

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Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 19-045771 fits Audi A4 A6

Availability: In stock Ask a question

Delivery Time: 3 - 4 Days

Regular Price: €148.00

Special Price €89.00

Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Quick Overview

Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 19-045771 fits Audi


BILSTEIN B4 -STEIN B4 is the reference for shock absorbers with gas-pressure. Our standard for your car guarantees a perfect driving behaviour – as on the very first day.

For an optimum driving experience and safety.

Over 60 years ago, we developed the monotube gas-pressure shock absorber for series production. The BILSTEIN B4 OE replacement series is available for most passenger cars – in both monotube and twin-tube shock absorber versions.

Features and Benefits
  • BILSTEIN gas-pressure technology provides maximum traction, precise handling and safety
  • Comprehensive product range with high market coverage and availability
  • Restores original ride characteristic
  • Constant damping power under any load
  • BILSTEIN OE quality

  • Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 19-045771 fits Audi A4 A6

    Technical Data:


    Set consists of:
    Damper with spring support

    Bilstein B4 Front axle Shock absorbers Dampers 19-045771 fits Audi A4 A6

    This product fits for

    ManufacturerModelTypeVehicle Code#
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.6 74 kW0588591
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 85 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 quattro 85 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 92 kW0588592
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 quattro 92 kW0588600
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T 110 kW0588593
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T quattro 110 kW0588594
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T 125 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T quattro 125 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T 132 kW0588673
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.8 T quattro 132 kW0588675
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.4 110 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.4 120 kW0588665
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.4 quattro 120 kW0588667
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.4 121 kW0588661
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.4 quattro 121 kW0588663
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.6 110 kW0588595
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.6 102 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.6 quattro 110 kW0588596
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 128 kW0588597
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 quattro 128 kW0588598
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 140 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 quattro 140 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 142 kW0588633
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 quattro 142 kW0588635
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.8 142 kW
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI 55 kW0588629
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI 66 kW0588599
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI 81 kW0588607
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI quattro 81 kW0588643
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI 85 kW0588713
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)1.9 TDI quattro 85 kW0588715
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.5 TDI 110 kW0588696
    AUDIA4 (8D2, B5)2.5 TDI quattro 110 kW0588697
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.6 74 kW0588618
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 85 kW
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 quattro 85 kW
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 92 kW0588619
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 quattro 92 kW0588620
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 T quattro 110 kW0588622
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 T quattro 112 kW
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.8 T quattro 132 kW0588676
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.4 quattro 120 kW0588668
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.4 quattro 121 kW0588664
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.6 quattro 110 kW0588624
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.8 quattro 128 kW0588626
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.8 quattro 140 kW
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.8 quattro 142 kW0588636
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.9 TDI 55 kW0588630
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.9 TDI 66 kW0588627
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.9 TDI 81 kW0588628
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.9 TDI quattro 81 kW0588644
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)1.9 TDI quattro 85 kW0588716
    AUDIA4 Avant (8D5, B5)2.5 TDI quattro 110 kW0588699
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 85 kW
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 92 kW0588650
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 T 110 kW0588651
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 T quattro 110 kW0588652
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 T 132 kW0588671
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.8 T quattro 132 kW0588672
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 100 kW0588669
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 115 kW
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 quattro 115 kW
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 120 kW0588659
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 quattro 120 kW0588660
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 121 kW0588653
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.4 quattro 121 kW0588654
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.7 T 169 kW0588695
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.8 132 kW
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.8 140 kW
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.8 142 kW0588655
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.8 quattro 142 kW0588656
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.9 TDI 81 kW0588647
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)1.9 TDI 85 kW0588725
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.5 TDI 110 kW0588648
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.5 TDI quattro 110 kW0588649
    AUDIA6 (4B2, C5)2.5 TDI quattro 132 kW0588730
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 85 kW
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 92 kW0588678
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 T 110 kW0588682
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 T quattro 110 kW0588683
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 T 132 kW0588688
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.8 T quattro 132 kW0588689
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 100 kW0588679
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 115 kW
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 quattro 115 kW
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 120 kW0588684
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 quattro 120 kW0588685
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 121 kW0588686
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.4 quattro 121 kW0588687
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.7 T quattro 169 kW0588692
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.8 132 kW
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.8 142 kW0588690
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.8 quattro 142 kW0588691
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)1.9 TDI 81 kW0588677
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.5 TDI 110 kW0588680
    AUDIA6 Avant (4B5, C5)2.5 TDI quattro 110 kW0588681

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    SKU BILSTEIN_B4_19-045771_AUDI
    Brand Bilstein
    Delivery Time 3 - 4 Days
    EAN 4025258463861

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