The sporty DEZENT TR wheel is now available for the new VW Golf 8 in 16 to 18 inches in our online shop. The DEZENT TR is available in the three color variants silver, black and dark and has a load capacity of up to 750 kg. 

DEZENT TR wheel black 7,5x18 ET51 for VW Golf 8


With the new TR design, DEZENT presents a sporty, massive double spoke for the coming winter season. With the help of clear lines, the new wheel impresses with its energetic and attention-grabbing design language. The sporty double spoke is available with both ECE and ABE approval in all dimensions. 

For the new VW Golf 8, the wheel is now also available in the dimensions 7,5x18" ET51 5x112 with ABE and ECE. ECE versions are also available in 17 inches for the Golf.

DEZENT TR wheel dark 8,0x18 ET48 5x112 for VW Golf 8

DEZENT TR wheel for VW Golf 8

100% winter-suitable thanks to SRC painting

With rims from DEZENT, drivers are perfectly styled even in winter. The high-quality and innovative SRC paintwork ensures that the rims will still look great even after many years. The name stands for "Salt and Sun Resistant" while the letter C refers to the sealing layer (coating). Primer layer, paint layer, top layer or sealing layer.


  • Dimensions: 6,5×16, 7,0×17, 7,5×17, 7,5×18, 8,0×18 inches
  • Design: cast, one-piece, 5-hole connection
  • Finish: Silver, black, dark
  • Payload: up to 750 kg
  • TPMS: 100% TPMS-Fit
  • ECE: Audi A1 to A6, Audi Q5, VW Golf 8, VW Passat, BMW 5, Seat Leon, Seat Alteca, Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes B-Class and many more

DEZENT TR wheel silver 8,0x18 ET35 5x112 for VW Golf 8

DEZENT TR wheel for VW Golf 8