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Eibach Pro-Tronic AM65-15-021-02-22 for Audi A3

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Eibach Pro-Tronic AM65-15-021-02-22 for Audi A3

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Delivery Time: 2-3 Days

Regular Price: €408.17

Special Price €318.03

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Quick Overview

Eibach Pro-Tronic Deactivation Kit for electronic damper control AM65-15-021-02-22 for Audi A3


PRO-TRONIC | Electronic Suspension Module

Removing the standard electronic adjustable dampers in exchange for high-performance adjustable suspension systems is usually a simple process. However, during the installation, error message from the on-board computer may be experienced.

  • With Pro-Tronic, the standard damper regulation is de-activated and prevents an error message
  • The functions of the controller and/or regulating systems are preserved and remain operational
  • Pro-Tronic can also be used with suspension systems from other manufacturers, incl. OE Sport Suspension Systems

  • Eibach Pro-Tronic AM65-15-021-02-22 for Audi A3

    Technical Data:

    Manufacturer:: Eibach

    Eibach Pro-Tronic AM65-15-021-02-22 for Audi A3

    This product fits for

    Car makeModelTypePerformance / Engine
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.0 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.2 TFSI77kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.2 TFSI81kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.4 TFSI103kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.4 TFSI90kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.4 TFSI92kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.4 TSI110kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.5 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.6 TDI77kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.6 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.6 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.8 TFSI quattro132kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)1.8 TFSI132kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI quattro110kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI quattro135kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI100kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI105kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI110kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI135kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TFSI quattro140kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)2.0 TFSI140kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)S3 quattro206kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)S3 quattro210kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)S3 quattro213kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)S3 quattro221kw
    AUDIA3 (8V1, 8VK)S3 quattro228kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.4 TFSI103kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.4 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.4 TFSI92kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.4 TSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.5 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.6 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.6 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.8 TFSI quattro132kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.8 TFSI125kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)1.8 TFSI132kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TDI quattro110kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TDI quattro135kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TDI100kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TDI110kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TDI135kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TFSI quattro140kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TFSI quattro162kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)2.0 TFSI140kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)35 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)S3 quattro210kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)S3 quattro221kw
    AUDIA3 Cabriolet (8V7, 8VE)S3 quattro228kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.0 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.2 TFSI77kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.2 TFSI81kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.4 TFSI103kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.4 TFSI90kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.4 TFSI92kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.4 TSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.5 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.6 TDI quattro81kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.6 TDI77kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.6 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.6 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.8 TFSI quattro132kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.8 TFSI125kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)1.8 TFSI132kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI quattro110kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI quattro135kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI100kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI105kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI110kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI135kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TFSI quattro140kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TFSI140kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)2.0 TFSI162kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)30 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)30 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)35 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)RS3 quattro294kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)S3 quattro206kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)S3 quattro210kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)S3 quattro213kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)S3 quattro221kw
    AUDIA3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM)S3 quattro228kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.0 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.2 TFSI77kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.2 TFSI81kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.4 TFSI103kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.4 TFSI90kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.4 TFSI92kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.4 TSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.5 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.6 TDI quattro81kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.6 TDI77kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.6 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.6 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.8 TFSI quattro132kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)1.8 TFSI132kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI quattro110kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI quattro135kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI100kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI105kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI110kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI135kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TDI81kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TFSI quattro140kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TFSI140kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)2.0 TFSI162kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)30 TDI85kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)30 TFSI85kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)35 TFSI110kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)S3 quattro206kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)S3 quattro210kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)S3 quattro213kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)S3 quattro221kw
    AUDIA3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF)S3 quattro228kw

    Eibach Logo

    EIBACH PRO-TRONIC - Electronic Suspension Module

    With Eibach Pro-Tronic, the standard damper regulation is de-activated and prevents an error message

    Additional Information

    SKU EIBPROTRONIC_AM65-15-021-02-22_AUDI
    Brand Eibach
    Delivery Time 2-3 Days
    EAN 4050278043229

    Product Questions

    Product Questions

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