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Koni Special Shock absorber Damper front 87-2604 for Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

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Koni Special Shock absorber Damper front 87-2604 for Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

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Quick Overview

Koni Special Shock absorber Damper front 87-2604 for Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen


KONI Sport dampers
KONI Sports are the industry leader for user adjustable damping forces turning your daily driver into a weekend warrior. KONI Sport's familiar yellow color means superior motion control and adjustability for the discerning driving enthusiast.

Product Technology
  • Adjustable rebound with a knob in most applications
  • Significant handling improvement
  • Reasonable ride quality
  • Re-buildable for custom vehicle setups
  • Great KONl shock for stock or performance lowering springs

  • Koni Special Shock absorber Damper front 87-2604 for Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

    Technical Data:


    2WD & 4WD

    Koni Special Shock absorber Damper front 87-2604 for Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen

    This product fits for

    ManufacturerModelTypeVehicle Code#
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 902
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020708|492
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020708|493
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020708|494<>0710|460
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020710|317
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020710|456
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020710|457
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020710|458
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Bus901 9020710|459
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 902
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|002<>0710|154
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|004<>0710|157
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|010<>0710|158<>0710|765
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|070<>0710|155
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|116<>0710|156
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|761
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|762
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|763
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Kasten901 9020710|764
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 902
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|001<>0710|289
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|003<>0710|292
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|009<>0710|790
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|055<>0710|290
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|115<>0710|291
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|786
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|787
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|788
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 2-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell901 9020710|789
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus903
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030708|001<>0708|492<>0709|817
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030708|493
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030708|494<>0710|460
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|359
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|375<>0710|722
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|376<>0710|707
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|456
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|457
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|458
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|459
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|461<>0710|802
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|462<>0710|803
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|463
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Bus9030710|709<>0710|805
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten903
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|006<>0710|622
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|008<>0710|625
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|012<>0710|626<>0710|770
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|039<>0710|040
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|118<>0710|624
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|716
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|717<>0710|809
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|766<>0710|824
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|767
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|768<>0710|840
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|769<>0710|841
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|806
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|807<>0999|ABG
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Kasten9030710|808
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell903
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030709|798<>0710|086
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|005<>0710|026<>0710|037<>0710|284
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|007<>0710|027<>0710|287
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|011<>0710|028<>0710|775
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|117<>0710|286
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|724
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|771
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|772
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|773
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|774
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030710|804
    Mercedes-BenzSprinter 3-T Pritsche/Fahrgestell9030999|AAZ
    VWLT 28-35 I Bus281-3630600|820
    VWLT 28-35 I Bus281-3630600|821
    VWLT 28-35 I Bus281-3630600|910
    VWLT 28-35 I Kasten281-3630600|146
    VWLT 28-35 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell281-3630600|145
    VWLT 28-35 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell281-3630600|185<>0600|187
    VWLT 28-35 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell281-3630600|229<>0600|231
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DB 2DE 2DK
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DB 2DE 2DK0603|685
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|332
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|333
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|351
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|526
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|527
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|643
    VWLT 28-35 II Bus2DM0603|644
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DA 2DD 2DH0603|039<>0603|042
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|019
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|020<>0603|036
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|029
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|048<>0603|049
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|051<>0603|055
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|052<>0603|056
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|060
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|061<>0603|062
    VWLT 28-46 II Kasten2DX0AE0603|066<>0603|068<>0603|069
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DC 2DF 2DG 2DL 2DM0603|040<>0603|041
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|023
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|024<>0603|033
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|030
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|047<>0603|050
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|053<>0603|057
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|054<>0603|058
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|063<>0603|065
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|064
    VWLT 28-46 II Pritsche/Fahrgestell2DX0FE0603|067
    VWLT 40-55 I Kasten291-5120600|148
    VWLT 40-55 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell293-9090600|107<>0600|143<>0600|144<>0600|147
    VWLT 40-55 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell293-9090600|143<>0600|232<>0600|233
    VWLT 40-55 I Pritsche/Fahrgestell293-9090600|191<>0600|195

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    Koni Shock Absorbers Dampers Online Shop

    Best prices for Koni shock absorbers - Order your Koni Dampers now and get up to 40% off regular price! KONI is the premier manufacturer of performance and adjustable shock absorbers in the world. KONI shocks are made from the highest quality raw materials and machined to the highest tolerances. This quality is represented not only by KONI's long heritage in motorsports but also by the diversity of shock absorber solutions.

    Additional Information

    SKU KONI_87-2604
    Brand Koni
    Delivery Time X Days
    MPN 87-2604
    EAN 8712167083360

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